Emoji: Expressive or Extractive?


By Rhi Storer (UK) It’s a typical tuesday rush-hour. My hands are overloaded with bags of shopping, a suitcase, and my rucksack slung across my back. All I can think about is how to best efficiently flow through the large swaths of crowds standing aimlessly on the platform – verbal and nonverbal interaction is minimal, at […]


Three Postmodern Values that make Mindfulness Countercultural: Embracing the Discrepancy


Written by Dr Manju (USA), Photography by Flavio Emmanuel (Brazil) In the past decade, mindfulness has been recognized as a growing legitimate field in psychology, coaching, business and self-development. As a psychologist and coach who does mindfulness training, I have seen a significant number of clients struggling to integrate mindfulness in their lives. The operative […]


In or Out? The Big Question in the UK


Familiar beats of music pulled me into a gigantic room of balloons and lights. Was I in an EU Referendum event or a Saturday night party? I looked at the booth in front of me to be met with smiling faces of two young ladies. We greeted and they asked me, “In, out, or unsure?”. […]


We are all foreigners

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“Oh, Brazil???” And there comes the smile. I’ve heard about such experience from another people, mostly friends. When they travelled abroad and the natives discoveries that were talking to a Brazilian citizen, something magical always occurs. A little bit of joy, curiosity and and amusement creating a brand new conversation between unknown people. I finally […]


The Thing Is, by Ellen Bass


“…to love life, to love it even when you have no stomach for it and everything you’ve held dear crumbles like burnt paper in your hands, your throat filled with the silt of it. When grief sits with you, its tropical heat thickening the air, heavy as water more fit for gills than lungs; when […]


The Art of Human Connection: Understanding Yourself through Others

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Self-awareness does not merely come from sitting alone in your room in quiet. Curiously, I had found my own understanding of myself unexpectedly furthered by a wholehearted willingness to understand others. I will show you how understanding others can lead to a very good understanding of yourself. A true understanding of others is created through […]


The Frog’s Legs.

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She is life without consequence. Unable to resist The urge to follow I fall into My fallacious reasoning, overlooking the sign: “Entrance, no exit”- I didn’t feel the need to escape But now it’s too late and I cannot leave. Oblivious to demise, Alas! I do not despise the princess For her snarls of distain […]


Art Is Active And Incomplete: A Conversation With Erik Wahl

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By Erik Wahl, Internationally recognized graffiti artist, best selling author and global philanthropist. Interviewed by Shazeen (UK) How did you discover yourself as an artist? Where did the spark for graffiti art and speed painting come from? My story is one of discovering a win through a painful loss. I spent the first half of my […]