Art Is Active And Incomplete: A Conversation With Erik Wahl

erik wahl 1

By Erik Wahl, Internationally recognized graffiti artist, best selling author and global philanthropist. Interviewed by Shazeen (UK) How did you discover yourself as an artist? Where did the spark for graffiti art and speed painting come from? My story is one of discovering a win through a painful loss. I spent the first half of my […]



flow state

WHISPERS OF STARS To my ear, gentle caresses came at last Upon me, they fell from heaven past When my stars never blink And the clouds never bring A curtain so thick hiding you from my longing I told myself to shut No breath or word let out But my vein they throbbed And my […]


The Mist of October

Sean Savage, Photographer

By Sean Savage (UK), Interviewed by Shazeen (UK) Hi Sean, thank you for speaking with us. Tell us a little about yourself?  I am 47 years old, and only started taking photographs a year ago. I joined a local photo club and learnt a lot from the other members by going on photo shoots. I […]


Let’s Talk About Depression


By Anthony Avice Du Buisson (Australia), Interviewed by Shazeen (UK), Photography by Flavio Emanuel (Brazil) As a young South African teenager growing up in Australia, I found myself at a point in my life where thoughts of insignificance and self-loathing were starting to cloud my mind. If anyone has ever experienced depression, then they would know […]


The Smartest Kid in the Room


Narrative by Paul Iannucilli (USA), Interviewed by Shazeen (UK), Photography by Saman. Ali (Iraq) Okay, before I get I to it, a handful of disclaimers. No, this isn’t specifically about me. It isn’t about any one person. It is about the traits, ideas, actions, and processes that I notice people whom I consider to be […]