The Frog’s Legs.

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She is life without consequence. Unable to resist
The urge to follow I fall into
My fallacious reasoning, overlooking the sign:
“Entrance, no exit”- I didn’t feel the need to escape
But now it’s too late and I cannot leave.

Oblivious to demise,
Alas! I do not despise the princess
For her snarls of distain were sweet melody
In my clouded vision, boiling water is equivalent to warm springs
Tranquil and comforting – maybe ignorance is bliss.

However inevitably reality catches up
Unforgiving by nature, it scolds
To the very core of my naïve being, all consuming
No proceeding with caution just end.

This piece was inspired by how narratives of the same story can be changed to create an entirely different meaning, so I decided to change the narrative of an infamous fairy tale using the anecdote of boiling frog syndrome. The poem is from the frog’s perspective, being so blinded with their love for the princess that they do not see the malevolence of their situation. While the poem is loosely inspired by the princess and the frog, I also intended for it to reflect the lives of real people and abusive relationships: the conflict between a person’s attachment to the abuser, and the abuse itself.

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