From Playing To An Empty Room To A Europe Tour: A Story of Musicians


Interviewing Libido Cornucopia (USA) Written and Interviewed by Shazeen (UK) Anytime I heard someone say, “If I could move to Portland I would do it in a heartbeat”, my curiosity for the eclectic city grew. I wondered why all those I spoken to about Portland were at least greatly fond of it. Amongst its many prized qualities, the […]


Pushing Aside the Poisoned Chalice: How Losing My Faith Helped Me Find Much More


By John Williams (UK, Graduate of Law at Birmingham University) “The abolition of religion as the illusory happiness of the people is the demand for their real happiness.” – Karl Marx I cannot remember becoming a Christian. I, like most who have followed a faith, was raised religious from birth. I have fond memories of […]


Birmingham’s First Young Professionals’ Eid Dinner


Written by Shazeen Iqbal The celebration of Eid is interwoven in the fabric of British Society since the 19th century, where Muslims contributed in different fields. Every year thousands of Muslims celebrate Eid twice; to honour the completion of 30 days of fasting, and the completion of an annual pilgrimage in Mecca. Celebrations manifest in […]


Why Coping With Trauma Is Different Than Dwelling On The Past


By Inés (Paris and Canada), Interviewed by Shazeen (UK) What makes Inés who she is? Tell me a bit about yourself. I am me, foremost. Oh, don’t think it’s just a tongue-in-cheek answer. So many, too many people are someone other than themselves, at least partially. A person will always embody aspects of others – […]


Travelling With My Disability

travelling with a disability

By C.S. Jackson, Interviewed by Raf Bracho What particular challenges do you face, and how does it affect your travel? I think that the particular challenges I face when I travel are probably best summed up using a quote: “As we know, there are known knowns; there are things we know we know. We also […]


The Answers I Don’t Have: Why This Meat-eater Embraced Veganism

by John Gress/Corbsis/AP Images

Written by John Williams (UK)   Veganism: the practice of abstaining from the use of animal products, particularly in diet, and an associated philosophy that rejects the commodity status of animals. Vegan: a militant, self-righteous, and ultimately annoying individual who prescribes to those values. I can guess what some of you may be thinking. Why, […]


Emoji: Expressive or Extractive?


By Rhi Storer (UK) It’s a typical tuesday rush-hour. My hands are overloaded with bags of shopping, a suitcase, and my rucksack slung across my back. All I can think about is how to best efficiently flow through the large swaths of crowds standing aimlessly on the platform – verbal and nonverbal interaction is minimal, at […]


Three Postmodern Values that make Mindfulness Countercultural: Embracing the Discrepancy


Written by Dr Manju (USA), Photography by Flavio Emmanuel (Brazil) In the past decade, mindfulness has been recognized as a growing legitimate field in psychology, coaching, business and self-development. As a psychologist and coach who does mindfulness training, I have seen a significant number of clients struggling to integrate mindfulness in their lives. The operative […]


In or Out? The Big Question in the UK


Familiar beats of music pulled me into a gigantic room of balloons and lights. Was I in an EU Referendum event or a Saturday night party? I looked at the booth in front of me to be met with smiling faces of two young ladies. We greeted and they asked me, “In, out, or unsure?”. […]


We are all foreigners

DSC00228 (1)

“Oh, Brazil???” And there comes the smile. I’ve heard about such experience from another people, mostly friends. When they travelled abroad and the natives discoveries that were talking to a Brazilian citizen, something magical always occurs. A little bit of joy, curiosity and and amusement creating a brand new conversation between unknown people. I finally […]