The Dog Rescuer: A Journey With Allie Rizzo


By Allie Rizzo (USA), Interviewed by Shazeen (UK) “Our pets enjoy life. They give us endless love. We could learn so much by the simplicity of their happiness. Be kind to them and they are kind to you.” It doesn’t fail to amaze me when I stumble across beautiful and compassionate quests for a greater […]


Do Ideas Live and Die Through Us? A Story of An Artist


Written by Shazeen (UK), Interviewing Frederick Hubble (UK) What is your passion? My practice surrounds ideas of human nature. When I’m making things or constructing a situation, it’s a way for me to think philosophically about individual ideas and the relationship between them. Romantically or poetically contemplative ideas fill me with the desire to sit […]


There Is No Place Like Away From Home: A Road Trip Story


Written by Shazeen (UK), Interviewing Lance Williams (USA) Being alone is also about creatively losing yourself into your strengths and your weaknesses, and marrying them in a union that was divorced by what others insisted you become. It was Steve Toltz who said, in “A Fraction of the Whole”… “You experience life alone, you can […]


The Man Who Cannot Speak, Speaks: My Journey from Social Anxiety to TEDx-Speaker


By Leon Tsao People were fairly amused for my inability to produce words adequately and fluidly. I remember back when I was in high school we were to give presentations, and my voice shook and stammered as I spoke in a whisper, sensitively as if any word would set off a bomb. As the class […]


The Other Side

chen 2

By Susan Chen I find one of my biggest obstacles when it comes to writing articles such as these, is that I never know what to write. How can I write an article that represents a certain depth of me, while also representing the totality of me, and my life’s journey? I do admit, it […]


Does Graffiti Make or Break Communities?


By Shazeen, UK Being born and bred in Birmingham, I experienced both a sheltered and an adventurous life. When you hear about being sheltered, you immediately could think of a person not being outgoing. This was not true in my case. I was always an outgoing person. If I was caught in a web of […]


‘Moving at God’s Speed’


By Maira Butt I’m a lifetime member of that cursed and denigrated group: the dreamers. Always imagining, thinking, wishing, hoping, craving, thinking of a world that doesn’t exist but that you live to prove should. The usually poisonous term used to dismiss our thoughts, aspirations and actions is ‘naïve’ or the one I personally most […]


A Restless Mind

a restless mind

This story is by Josef at josefboutte-art-blog. Josef is a creative, young man with a strong ambition to fulfill his life’s dreams. He is a rather intriguing folk because he has his own style and method to achieving his dreams. Living for the moment is also a vital ingredient of his happiness. I will hand […]


From PhD to Living The Dream


On a delightful summer evening, I was in the Central Library of Birmingham. My finger tips excitedly danced on the edges of a fine, shiny book as I was prepared to slide it out of the sandwich of other books that it nestled in. Suddenly, I caught a man from the corner of my eye […]